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Are you stressed about college admissions for your child?

You are not alone!

Being a parent of a high schooler aiming for college is full of uncertainty, and, let’s face it, anxiety, stress, and sleepless nights. Some of the common things that parents worry about in the college admissions process are:

How will I have time to help oversee the multitude of deadlines and components necessary for my child to have a strong admissions package?

Will the stress of the application cycle affect my relationship with my child?

My student is a reluctant writer. How do I help them write an authentic college essay that will stand out at the schools where they apply?

How do I help my child evaluate schools to pick the best colleges for them to apply?

College tuition has gotten expensive. How can I get a good idea of the cost for the schools that my child is interested in attending?

How can I be supportive of my child during this important time?

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You have stopped by the right place because I can help with these concerns and more.

I will be your partner throughout the process and tailor a program to expertly meet your child’s unique needs so that the college admissions cycle is not a scary unknown, but instead it is a time of discovery and excitement as you watch this amazing young person who you have nurtured gain maturity and self-confidence as they plan for their future.

What is an Independent Educational Consultant?

Independent Educational Consultants or IECs are professionals who specialize in helping young people navigate through admissions to colleges, boarding schools, summer programs, and gap years. My IEC specialty is college admissions.

Think of an IEC in the same way you would a tennis coach that you hire to help your budding athlete develop a stronger serve, a voice coach that you hire for your child with musical talent, or a tutor you bring on to get your student through physics. An IEC is part of the team including you, your child’s teachers, and your student’s school counselor who are committed to helping your child reach their fullest potential by applying thoughtfully to the colleges where they are perfect fits.

While IEC is the term used inside the higher education world to name the work that I do, the families that I serve consider me their college admissions expert – providing carefully curated assistance to meet the needs of your child’s unique college journey.

I am ready to answer any and all questions about the increasingly complicated college admissions process and to guide you and your student through the process with less stress and a lot of fun!

Ready to Get Started?

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I have a Ph.D. in American literature, have taught writing, speech, and ethics at the college level, am a published author, worked as a professional grant writer (you would be surprised at how closely related writing a winning grant is to preparing a successful college application package), and have an M.B.A. which benefits you in my desire to unravel difficult processes into manageable chunks with an action plan for success.

I am also a mom of two grown children, so I’ve seen college admissions from your standpoint as a parent. I understand how you are feeling as you watch your student transition to that wonderful young adult they will become.

For My Clients

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Jen has played a pivotal role with all the rewrites and completion of my boys’ college essays. She has a knack with asking questions and prompting them with ideas to get the most out of their responses. Always quick with responses and much needed humor made a stressful time more enjoyable!

- Parent, Vanderbilt University, Class of 2024, Northwestern University, Class of 2020, and Davidson College, Class of 2019

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Bell & Arch offers full-service college admissions advising meeting the needs of students locally in Florida including Sarasota, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Fort Myers, Venice, and Naples, and nationally through virtual meetings.

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